You can paint a picture with glitter without using a single drop of glue; All you need to do is follow a few basic steps and be patient while you wait for each layer of glitter and paint to dry before continuing. If you want to know how to do it, pay attention to this article.

Buy a canvas You can buy it for a few dollars. You can start using a 20×25 cm canvas to practice. Choose one that is stretched on a rack (stapled at the back). Make sure it is well stretched. Cover the canvas with glitter. To do this, you will need a thick brush, since you will have to completely cover the canvas with a solid color. Acrylic paints dry quickly, so you may have to keep the fresh coat by spraying it with water spray, or simply mixing the paints with a little water before applying them to the canvas. Once you have covered the canvas with acrylics, you can begin to gently spread the glitter over the paint layer.

To keep it adhered, you should sprinkle the glitter when the paint is neither too fresh nor completely dry.

The silver and metallic tones are associated with the jewels, with colors typical of royalty. Therefore, if you decorate any of the spaces in your home with the range of silver grays you will get a touch of glamor and elegance. However, using the silver color to decorate has its risks. If you use it in excess it can bring coldness to the environment, so it is necessary to apply it only in small details, as decorative objects, or in some furniture in an isolated way. Another interesting option may be to paint on walls of small dimensions or paste a vinyl of those tonalities. The best thing to decorate your home with silver is to place some objects of that hue in different parts of each room. Small and simple objects but bright enough so that their brightness catches the attention at first sight. The ideal is that they are different items, that have a curious, striking design … to give the room a touch between sophisticated and glamorous that will turn your house into the latest trends. There are also furniture designed in silver, such as headboards for the bed or aluminum chairs for the kitchen, which can be a great choice for the more daring.

This plastic glitter reflects light very well. We see it often in Harleys, or in biker helmets. The background: The first thing is to put a background color (matt base paint or primer) since the glitter paintings never completely cover. For about 2m², 3 cans are needed. These powders are mixed with clear varnish or fixative, but never with paint. A paint gun with a nozzle wide enough to spray must be prepared. It must be projected at a considerable distance from the piece, until it is covered. It only remains to varnish with a body varnish of good quality. Here is where the difficulty is, since it will take between 8 and 10 layers of varnish to level the irregular surface that has left the glitter and get a nice and shiny varnish. 50μm glitter is an exception, as it can be coated with 2 or 3 coats only.