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prosper in the midst of your enemies

The bible made us clear that we are living in a world full of troubles.A world full of enemies and most of the time coming around you like friend.They are always in sheep clothing.They talk with soft voices.They come around you like friends, embrace you and try to kiss you,but in the real sense of it,they have knives


CCC Anthem

The Celestial Pledge

On christ oh my king, i will worship thee. My power and shining light,Holy thou Holiest
O christ o my king, i will owrship thee, My power and my light, Holy thou holiest
O Christ O my king, I will worship thee,my power and my light. Holy thou Holiest. Amen


An Angel Of God


My son, its time for you to go to the world of celestial and tell them that the kingdom of God is at hand,that people should wear garment of righteousness,obey him and follow him. I AM THAT I AM is sending these messages. "Kingdom of God and its righteousness" Matthew 6:33. I am the God of Celestial,God of Oshoffa


Our objectives

Aim and Objectives of the mission

Celestial church is a church that is actually existing in heaven that God brought exactly the photocopy to the earth for the purpose of his majesty to be known to mankinds. There is a mystery behind the seven alter that contains 7 candle sticks,showing the power,the majesty and the fulfilment of God in the universe.





Biblical Refrences

The biblibal references to celestial church of christ doctrine and historical beliefs of the church

Prayer Days

Prayer days and fasts of celestial church of christ. This helps you get updated with the current happenings in the celestial church

Mission School

The mission school is for all men who wish to be a missionary in celestial church of christ. We have a lot of courses from which you can choose the most appropriate from. It is called Armouary of Christ theological institution. An interdenominational training centre

Jihmarta Night

For all missionaries and those who need deliverance,healing, blessing,divine favor and mercy of the almighty God

Support form

If God has blessed you and you wish to support us in any way,please just click to fill the support form. God bless you as you contribute to the work of God

About the visioner

Dr. George I.O Akpoguma is an anointed man of God ,used by God with spiritual gift of prophecy. He is a great teacher and preacher of the gospel with signs and wonders following.

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