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About us

Company: AIRTB & Consulting Ltd, address: Stratigou Spyrou Stathopoulou, 14B, 3066, Limassol, Cyprus Airtb & Consulting Ltd. was founded in December 2013. AdPiano is a new Ad Exchange brand, with a set-from-day-one mission to create an industry-trusted monetization platform. Driven by a desire to create a better bridge between hard-working publishers and advertisers, we started planting seeds of imagination that soon became ripe technological advancements within our industry.

Since our genesis in 2013, AdPiano has been affiliated with more than 100 legitimate businesses worldwide and houses somewhat over 5000 satisfied publishers. For us, the idea was simple – gather as many quality resources, provide them with growth hacking tools, and watch as our milestones are being met one after the other.


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Our Advantages

  • Scalable traffic for business growth
  • Anti-Fraud system for omnipotent protection
  • Relevant targeting groups
  • Live and detailed reports
  • Favorable payment methods


Our Advantages

  • 100% Monetization of your traffic
  • On-time payments so you can reinvest in your business without holds
  • Easy as 1-2-3 integration into our system
  • Competitive rates
  • Premium Brands for better ad reception

Why hire us as your partner

We combine state-of-art technology with a highly supportive staff to maintain your positive ROI. If you are ready to reach the sky and have plans to go even farther, we’re your ticket.

Verticals in Archive

More than 50 supported verticals.

Territories Covered

Covering almost every inch of the world with traffic.

Tracking System

Omnipresent links that follow every step made.

Staff that gets you going

Resourceful team of Support Engineers who are at your disposal 24/7.

Multiple Targeting Options

Matching your offer with the right audience.

Anti-Fraud System

Ensuring your offer’s visibility on a global scale.

Your solution stands right in front of you


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