Company Services
At ASI, we recognize that aviation is important to the national defense and economy of the United States and to the recreational interests of a sizable number of its citizens. Therefore, our goal is to provide client-responsive, reasonably priced, problem solving consulting services on aviation-related matters to clientele in both the public and private sectors...
Client References
ASI clients include a wide spectrum of companies in the telecommunications and wind energy industry as well as a variety of organizations that needed assistance in gaining governmental approval for structures they propose to build. ASI clients have also included the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Research / Analysis
Aviation Systems, Inc. offers broad-based experience and resources to solve today's complicated challenges. ASI maintains a complete and up-to-date research library of Federal Aviation Regulations, ICAO Annex Publications and Documents, FAA Orders and Advisory Circulars, FAA Handbooks and Manuals and aviation-related statutory and case law.
The Firm
Aviation Systems, Inc. (ASI) was founded in 1972 to provide client-centered, high quality consulting services and assistance on regulatory matters pertaining to aviation. ASI's consulting associates come from varied, distinguished backgrounds in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and major military and private sector aviation organizations.
Service Requests
Complete available online forms including "Initial Site Evaluations", "Search Ring Analysis", "Wind Turbine Initial Evaluation", "Filing Form 7460-1", and "FCC Registration". In addition, we also handle other service requests such as Aviation Constraints Planning (ACP) maps, or Advisory Services for zoning hearings, etc.
Strategic Alliance Partners
Aviation Systems, Inc. has established relationships with the three firms below which enable us to offer a complete team of experts with comprehensive and complementary skills that have the capability of tackling and finding solutions to any aviation-related issue.