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ScreenPOS® is a cloud based POS service.

No longer does your POS have to be a clunky machine. No more frustration about hardware issues of your old POS. No more restrictions to what you can and can't use. No more complicated setup processes. No more data lost after your machine dies. No more hassle of software updates.

With ScreenPOS, everything is online.

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Availability Anywhere, Anytime

Existing POS solutions require you to be fixed to their machines, their screen sizes, their operating systems, and their programs. ScreenPOS is flexible, and doesn't tether you to any fixed solution. You can run it on any web browser on any device. All your business data can be accessed from anywhere.

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Powerful POS for All Needs

ScreenPOS can fulfill your requirements regardless of whether your store is big or small. It supports both counter-service stores (like retail) and table-service stores (like restaurants). Our POS even supports online ordering, to increase your daily sales and boost your business.


Better Business Management

ScreenPOS provides everything you need to run your business successfully: daily statistics, management of products, inventory, orders, sales history, employees, roles, and more. That's not all -- chain stores are supported as well, so you need not to worry about tracking individual store data.

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An account can have multiple terminals associated with it, and each terminal shares the same POS software. Pricing is based per terminal.

$ 59 .99 /MON/TERMINAL
  • Can Make Payments
  • Unlimited Products
  • Professional Inventory Management
  • Detailed Sales and History Info
  • 24/7 Email Support

  • Online Ordering for
    $5/mon + 1% Revenue

After 30 day free trial, you will not be charged unless you submit your payment information then.

$ 29 .99 /MON/TERMINAL

Everything in Master Terminal except:

  • Cannot Make Payments

  • Online Ordering for
    $5/mon + 1% Revenue