5 Reasons to Learn Web Development

1) You can create your own applications if you have an idea

The amount of technology companies that have popped up over the last few years let alone decades is staggering. When we look at all the big sites;Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat seems like the opportunity to create a successful app is never better. As technology and society changes and developers try different apps, new concepts will emerge, for example social media.

I would argue that the rate of change is so fast that any successful company that is leading today stands the chance of being overtaken by a smaller younger and more dynamic firm. There are real opportunities for start ups and if you learn web development yourself you will be able to create many more prototypes and ideas alongside your current job.

2) You learn to think logically

When you start programming there is an overwhelming amount of knowledge. The cognitive load can be extremely high and the burden is on the web developer to pick a solution out of a seemingly infinite amount of possible solutions. This forces you to move away from a thought process where you try and architect entire solutions in your head into an incremental one. This is where you slowly chip away at the problem in small parts until you arrive at your solution. This is an important lesson for life. You learn to take any problem and break it down and use logic and reasoning to solve all the discrete parts. Huge creative challenges can be undertaken and solved using this method. As a someone who learns web development you will undoubtedly be much better at solving large problems because you change your way of thinking.

3) It will help you liaise with development teams and web developers

Most if not all companies of a medium size now have a need for some sort of custom written software. Even if they just have a website. This means that employees will most probably be the users of this software interacting with developers. Software development and web development in particular carries a certain lingua franca with it and a some level of technical savvy by users is an asset to team. Anyone involved in a company’s marketing or operational direction will benefit from knowing about web applications as they will be able to ‘tussle’ with the development team more efficiently!

4) Programming and web development is a fun hobby

What do you do on a Saturday morning? Like doing puzzles? Like playing games? Well if you’re basically a problem solver you might find learning about web development a good pastime and a great way to exercise your grey matter. The best thing about programming is that it’s pretty much free to do. All you need is a computer. Asp.net MVC is free to use as is the brilliant Visual Studio that you can code with.

5) It’s got massive career potential!

Seriously I know because I can, developers can earn a great Salary and have a secure job. Top flight Asp.net web developers in London can earn anywhere up to 100k a year. That’s more than a doctor or a lawyer. And the best bit is you don’t have to deal with sick people or argue for a living. You are creating software based solutions to real world problems and you are actually helping people en masse!

There we go so what are you waiting for learn web development!