Irrigation Systems – Protect Your Landscape Investment With These Top-10 Water-Saving Tips

Irrigation systems are a convenient way to protect your landscape investment in Orlando, while helping to preserve one of our most precious resources and saving you time and money. With all the new technology and practices available to every Orlando homeowner, irrigation systems can be made more efficient to lower your water bill and reduce wasteful run-off.

The Irrigation Association has named July as “Smart Irrigation Month” to provide homeowners with water-wise tips to keep their landscape looking beautiful through the use of proper irrigation systems. The key to an efficient irrigation system is applying just enough water…and only when necessary. This will not only give you more free time (you won’t have to stand around holding a hose anymore), but also reduce your water bill – sometimes drastically. Every Orlando homeowner can appreciate that!

Try these water-saving tips (offered by the Irrigation Association) to maintain and update your automatic irrigation system in Orlando:

1) Adapt your watering schedule to the weather and the season in the Orlando area. Familiarize yourself with the settings on your irrigation system controller and adjust the watering schedule regularly to conform to current weather conditions.

2) Schedule each individual zone in your irrigation system. “Scheduling” your irrigation system takes into consideration the type of sprinkler, sun or shade exposure and the soil type for your area of Orlando.

3) Inspect your irrigation system monthly. Hire an irrigation professional to regularly check your irrigation system for leaks, broken or clogged heads, and other problems. There are many reputable landscape professionals in the Orlando area.

4) Adjust sprinkler heads. Correct obstructions that prevent sprinklers from distributing water evenly to insure that your irrigation system is not spraying water on pavements or structures.

5) Get a professional irrigation system audit from one of Orlando’s landscape maintenance companies. Ask them to conduct an irrigation audit and uniformity test to make sure areas are being watered evenly.

6) Consider “smart” technology. Climate or soil moisture sensor-based irrigation system controllers evaluate Orlando weather and soil conditions and automatically adjust the irrigation schedule to meet the specific needs of your landscape.

7) Install a money-saving rain shutoff-switch. These are required by law in Orlando, as well as other parts of Florida. Sensors turn off your system in rainy weather. (The device can be retrofitted to almost any irrigation system.)

8) Consider low-volume drip irrigation systems for plant beds. Install micro irrigation for gardens, trees and shrubs.

9) Water at the optimum time of day…when the sun is low (or down), winds are calm and temperatures are cool in Orlando- between the evening and early morning – to cut down on evaporation and run-off.

10) Water only when needed. Saturate root zones and let the soil dry. This is important in the Orlando climate zone.

Most Orlando homeowners over water their yard, unwittingly wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. Adopting water-savvy habits by installing an efficient irrigation system not only helps reduce this waste, it saves money, while promoting a healthier lawn and landscape.